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The Ultimate Work Guide For Bulgaria

Khan Asparukh had you in mind when he founded a little Balkan state around 1330 years ago. He chose territories with gorgeous mountains, lush plains, immense woods, pure mineral springs, and the infinite blue of the Black Sea, where the ancient Thracians, Hellenes, and Romans once flourished. He referred to it as Bulgaria…

If that isn’t enough, there is also interesting architecture and one of Europe’s best cuisines. Try mekitsi, lutenitsa, and lukanka. And brandy, also called rakia … we make it out of, honestly, anything. And here we put an end to the international debate: yoghurt is a Bulgarian product

Bulgaria’s colourful populace continues to defy convention and live in its own manner. However, despite our raucous tempers, we love people coming from elsewhere and make them feel at home.

Bulgaria is much more than a tourist attraction. It is multicultural, tiny, gorgeous, and pleasant. Many foreigners call this patch of land home, and many digital nomads chose the country as a stopover on their long bucket list of unusual places to reside. We are glad that the co-working trend was warmly welcomed by Bulgarians in its early stages, and as a result, we established solid traditions in shared workspaces. They may be found in many Bulgarian cities, not only in the capital. They are also frequently an international hub for the development and execution of ideas.

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